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Change is good but Re-inventing Yourself is even better!

Studio She and My Long Tresses are located in Frederick MD and Baltimore.  All appointments are by appointment only which gives our guests the privacy and attention they

Lets be honest, celebrities always look amazing on the red carpet!  Long hair, lashes and beautiful skin.  Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Lindsey Lohan,  Paula Abdul, Roasario Dawson,
Victoria Silvestedt have all worn So.Cap Exensions.  Everyone loves to name drop stars names and photos.  Please visit our Inspired page on the site for before and after photos
of celebrities who have re-invented their looks.

Lifeless, Limp Hair? Tired of over processing and over styling your tresses?  IMAGINE thick, healthy hair.  The hair you've always wanted. Open your mind-create a new you!  
Anything is possible without stressing your hair with aggressive chemical products.  Our Hair Extension methods do not use glue and will not damage your own hair.  A great
solution for those who wish for more volume and length.

Click link for information about all you need to know about hair extensions.
The Hair Extension Salon Guide for everything you need to know about hair extensions.">Hair Extensions Guide

"Hi C.J.

I wanted to thank you so much for your work today. I know you probably get a lot of people thanking you all the time, but I really wanted to thank you from the
deepest part of my heart.

You probably see this happen all the time when someone gets the opportunity to express themselves honestly in the style you create.

My youngest daughter, {the one who is so conservative}, said she liked it and that is suited me.  That felt so incredible to me. She was the one person who's
opinion means a lot to me. I was concerned she would write me off as being totally crazy.

Do you ever get the sensation where something is just absolutely right? That's how I fell about the great work you did today.

You have finally made the outside look like the inside of me... what a delightful blessing.

thank you!, thank you!, thank you!"

"CJ, Good Morning, I am a different person today because of you. I had extensions  before, but it did not look as good! I know that you said the other brand I used in the past was  
thicker, but my hair never looked and felt like this! My  mom drove over to see my hair yesterday - she thought it looked  beautiful. She said that it looks so much better than the last  
time I had my extensions done.... I asked her why - she said it is much more natural. My  husband said the same and added that the color is matched perfectly."

"I cannot believe this is me. I will call you if I need anything - thank you. I Obviously I will not be able to go without extensions.  I  just feel so much better about myself. I hope that I
can be your  long-term client!"

"I just wanted to thank you for taking me even though I was late. Thank you so much - I cannot tell you how much new attention I have received. It is a true confidence boost."

"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hair.  My hair looks so natural. I don't feel self conscious at all.  The bonds are much smaller than the other system I used to
get done.  Im truly happy with So.Cap Extensions and the great job you did."

"I am very happy with my hair and so is my husband. I am very pleased with the product and service and I THANK YOU."

"Thanks for fitting me in for my "hair emergency"...New Years eve I was asked out on more dates than ever in the past...thanks to you. "

"Here is the photos your requested, my husband took them of me and kept commenting on how confident I appear with my new look.  Thank you CJ".

"Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your gift of really caring about my situation with hair loss."

"Would like to make another appointment, I can't believe I have had these extensions in for 4 months and I have not lost any and they do not shed.  Amazing."